A couple who loves each other lived in the city of Boston where is located in Massachusetts, USA, the wife names Sophie which is a nutritionist. At the age of 37, Sophie was pregnant. After 6-month- pregnancy, Sophia gave birth to a boy which less than 2kg , even though the baby is weak and thin, the couple is still feel delighted since the baby comes to them.
The couple took good care of the baby which they thought was sent from the heaven, but the baby was always upset and crying almost every night. The baby was told by the doctor that his hemoglobin and red blood cell was terribly low as the test result showed, the baby was diagnosed as iron deficiency anemia seriously low which was necessary for supplementation. Sophia recommended by the doctor, almost search all the iron products for children in the United States and Europe market, but the baby doesn’t like to take which makes the effect is not obvious.
For the baby can develop healthily, Sophia finally decided to develop a special iron product for his son. With the help of the R&D department who is from Albion company-world top iron raw material suppliers, after two years, Sophia was successfully in developing a new kind of iron dietary dropper. This dropper is easily absorbed, mild and no stimulation, no bad smell, more suitable for the infants’ delicate gastrointestinal tract. After taking 3 months, her son’t, blood routine examination showed hemoglobin and red blood cell which showed in the test were qualified.
Sophie was so touched as she got the test result which made her tears out of the eyes. Same day, she happened to see a news report which was from the World Health Organization survey, the iron deficiency rate of children is 40% worldwild. Tenderness of a mother made Sophia feel like a pity that so many babies were suffered, she secretly determined to have their own research and development of this iron dietary supplement come to the market, and let more products focus on health and love bring to the children of the world.
Nutra Nature's, comes for love.

The effectiveness of dietary supplements and health care products must be established on the scientific and effectiveness of the raw material. We choose to work with the world's leading manufacturers in the world, maximize the products effecy.

The composition of health care products is based on science, and all of Nature’s Nutra recipes are verified by a large number of foreign clinical trials. At the same time, we and McGill University in Canada, University of Lyon in France, Sun Yat sen University, Israel Geha mental health center world well-known colleges and universities and medical centers built strategic cooperative relations, constantly optimize the formulation, to ensure that a reasonable scientific formula and advanced in the world.

All formula of Nature 's Nutra are approved by FDA, and manufactured in cGMP plant. All products are inspected by the US FDA, and product quality is reliable.